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last updated: 11/15/2019

Who needs a skincare fridge? That was the question on our mind when we began testing Skincare Beauty Fridge from Teami. We’ll be the first to admit that the idea of buying a Skincare Fridge seemed a little…excessive? However, after trying this beauty for over a month, it became clear that a Skincare Fridge is the one beauty tool that we’ve been seriously missing in our lives.

The main benefit of a Skincare Fridge is to extend the life of your natural and organic skin care products. Unlike many conventional products, true natural + organic skin care products are made with few preservatives. Without harsh chemical preservatives, organic skin care products tend to have a shorter shelf life than your typical drug-store skin care. In fact, some organic products have shelf lives as short as 3 months!

Of course, you could always keep your skin care products fresh by storing them in your normal refrigerator. We actually tried this method to see how it would compare versus purchasing a specialized Skincare Fridge. The result? You already know–it was super annoying! Having a little mini-fridge that fit right on our bathroom counter was the most convenient option for sure. In addition to organic skin care products, our testers also stored other perishable goodies in their fridge including supplements (umm..probiotics anyone?), apple cider vinegar, yummy beverages, towels, and even sleep masks. The Teami Skincare Fridge even lets you choose between “Cold” and “Warm” functions (although we couldn’t think of a good reason to test the “Warm” function other than with facial towels).

Below you’ll find a full summary of our Skincare Fridge review! Several Skin Care Ox team members tested this product for a cumulative trial period of about one month. Everything that you’ve ever wanted to know about owning a Beauty Fridge is right here at your fingertips. Enjoy!

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Product Name: Skincare Fridge

Product Description: A beautiful, fun, and oddly practical mini fridge designed to extend the life of your organic and natural skin care products. Dimensions: 11.4" D x 9.6" W x 13.4 H inches Weight: 8 lbs Color: White w/ Marble Print Glass Door

Price: 119

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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We’ve given the Teami Skincare Fridge an “A-” for Product Design. Overall, this is a beautifully designed beauty fridge. Visually, it looks very sleek, upscale, and quite pretty. The interior is spacious and can easily store a variety of products and sizes. There is also a sturdy fridge shelf that can be adjusted or removed to your liking. The marble print glass cover on the door really gives this fridge a subtle look compared to other beauty fridges. There were a few issues that we had with the fridge, although minor. First, while this was definitely one of the quietest tabletop mini-fridges we’ve tried, it does have a persistent and subtle hum. It’s quiet enough that if you close your bathroom door, you won’t hear the fridge on the other side. We also deducted a few points for the design of the door latch: the door cannot be closed shut, you have to pull the latch to lock it shut. On the plus side, the latching mechanism ensures that the fridge door remains closed if the unit is tipped over.

Product Design Summary

Design PROS

  • Visual Design: A sleek, simple, elegant white exterior with an marble-print glass cover on the front door. Even though it is a good sized mini-fridge, it looks beautiful enough to display right on your bathroom counter top.
  • Interior Design: Big enough to hold a decent amount of skin care products. Removable shelf allows you to adjust the height for your needs.
  • Weight: At just over 8 lbs, the fridge feels sturdy but not heavy. Holds its own on the counter space and won’t get knocked over easily.
  • Locking Door: The door is kept tightly shut by a simple latched handle. Even if the fridge tips over, the door stays closed.

Design Cons:

  • Sound: While the Teami Skincare Fridge is SUPER quiet compared to most beauty fridges we’ve reviewed, it does have a subtle persistent hum.
  • Latched Door: On the plus side, the latched handle keeps the door securely closed. On the con side, the latch prevents the door from being shut closed (you have to activate the latch in order to securely close the door).

The Teami Skincare Fridge has earned a Product Effectiveness Score of “A+”. When many skin care products become too cold, they solidify and become too difficult to dispense. Unlike your traditional refrigerator, the Skincare Fridge keeps your organic and natural skin care products at the perfect cool temperature. The unit is properly calibrated to the appropriate temperature for extending the shelf life of cosmetics. We were pleasantly surprised that everything we stored within the fridge (including eye masks, moisturizers, facial serums & oils, toners, facial masks, organic makeup, etc) had a pleasantly cool feeling upon application. Not once did a product feel “too cold” on the skin.

Product Effectiveness Summary

Works Best For: Extending the shelf life of natural and organic skin care, cosmetics, and preservative free skin care. Cooling products that are ideally applied when cold (such as eye masks, facial masks, facial towels, etc).

Best Feature: Perfectly calibrated to keep skin care products cool, but not “ice cold”.


The Teami Skincare Fridge is a relatively new product; thus there aren’t a ton of online reviews yet. We were able to analyze 75 customer reviews for the Skincare Fridge from four major online retailers (stores like Amazon, Nordstrom, and Ulta Beauty). Across those retailers, the Skincare Fridge earned an average customer review of 4.6/5 stars—earning a grade of “A-” for our Online Customer Review Score. Critical reviews include some notes about light condensation accumulation inside the unit and the latched door. On the positive side, reviewers love the convenience of having a beautiful refrigerator in their bathroom to keep their cosmetics cool. They rave about the large interior space, the visual design, quiet sound, and low energy usage.

Customer Review Summary

reviews last evaluated: 11/15/2019

  • Teami: 52 Reviews | Average Score: 4.8 Stars
  • Amazon: 1 Reviews | Average Score: 5 Stars
  • Nordstrom: 2 Reviews | Average Score: 4.5 Stars
  • Ulta: 20 Reviews | Average Score: 4.1 Stars


  • Visually appealing all-white & marble design.
  • Comes with removable shelves for customization.
  • Spacious interior capable of holding a lot of products.
  • A very quiet mini-fridge compared to competitors. Has a subtle light hum.
  • Sturdy, yet lightweight design for use on vanity counter tops.
  • Latched door handle keeps the door closed in case of flip overs.
  • Keeps skin care products “cool” but not “cold”


  • Does have a subtle hum which may be bothersome to sound-sensitive customers.
  • Latched door cannot be “shut” closed. Instead, must be “latched” closed to keep the door sealed.
  • Some online customers have noted condensation build up at the bottom of the unit. (Note: Our team of reviewers at Skin Care Ox did not experience this issue.)


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