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Kypris Beauty’s Beauty Elixirs are something worth coveting. Each is crafted from a blend of rare + potent floral and herbal botanical extracts and are designed to tackle various skin care goals: from sensitive skin treatments to super brightening remedies. While choosing just one of Kypris’ Beauty Elixirs would be a tough choice, we are thoroughly in love with the Beauty Elixir 1: 1,000 Roses.
First and foremost, authentic rose oil is an incredibly premium skin care ingredient (costing upwards of $400/oz) with powerful anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties. Due to the costs, it is unusual to find even luxury skin care products which contain much, if any, rose oil. Not with this Beauty Elixir from Kypris! It’s packed with so much rose oil that it’s hard not to notice the soft scent of roses as soon as you open the bottle. If that wasn’t enough, this organic facial oil is also packed with some of the very best skin care botanicals like tamanu oil, baobab seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, vitamin C, and rosehip seed oil. It is no wonder this little bottle of heaven comes at a premium price–it is the definition of organic luxury!

All in all, we found the Beauty Elixir 1,000 Roses oil to be a fun addition to our skin care routines during the trial period. It’s hard not to cherish each drop of this stuff. Just a few drops really did a fantastic job at softening and brightening skin (giving it that coveted “dewy” glow). While drier skin types may have to use a few more drops of this precious oil to get the same effect, the resulting glow is totally worth it.

With that said, below you’ll find a summary of our in-depth review of the Kypris Beauty Elixir 1 1,000 Roses. We reviewed the product based on three categories: The Clean Ingredient Score (Does it use clean, quality ingredients?), The Product Design & Effectiveness Score (Does it actually work?), and the Online Customer Review Score (What is everyone else saying?). Combined, you should have a snapshot of everything you need to know about Kypris Beauty’s luxurious Beauty Elixir 1, 1000 Roses. Enjoy!

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Product Name: Beauty Elixir I: 1,000 Roses

Product Description: A richly luxurious facial oil crafted with over 1,000 coveted Bulgarian rose petals and other potent botanical antioxidants to create an anti-aging and anti-blemish daily treatment oil. Size: 1.5oz/47ml Packaging: Amber Glass Consistency: Rich oil Scent: Roses Samples Available: Yes

Price: 100

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

  • Clean Ingredient Score
  • Product Design & Effectiveness Score
  • Online Customer Review Score

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We’ve given the Kypris 1,000 Roses Beauty Elixir a clean ingredient score of a “B” for its formulation. Although the Beauty Elixir I is made with tons of high-quality natural and organic ingredients, we discounted the Beauty Elixir’s score because it includes tocopheryl acetate–a synthetically formed ester of vitamin E that has been linked to skin sensitivities and rated as a moderate hazard by the Environmental Working Group. On the other hand, there is very little tocopheryl acetate contained within the Beauty Elixir I as it appears at the end of the ingredients list. Other than that, everything else within the 1,000 Roses Beauty Elixir is all natural and many of the ingredients are sourced from organic farms. The facial oil is packed with high quality antioxidant ingredients like the ever potent Bulgarian rose oil, tamanu oil, prickly pear seed oil, vitamin C,  CoQ10, and many others. 

Clean Ingredient Summary

Top Clean Ingredients

  • Bulgarian Rose Oil: Among the rarest and most expensive oils in the world. The most luxurious rose essential oil money can buy is made from tens of thousands of petals from one of the most coveted flowers in the world: the Bulgarian Rose Damascena or Rose Otto. Rose oil has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
  • Kaneka CoQ10: Yeast-derived CoQ10 has shown to diminish the appearance of discoloration caused by sun damage.
  • Tamanu Oil: A legendary skin care oil with healing powers rivaling that of prescription antibiotics that has been used for centuries as an antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory oil for the skin. Another proven benefit of organic tamanu oil is its amazing ability to promote would healing (cicatrization) and skin regeneration.
  • Prickly Pear Seed Oil: Packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins, prickly pear seed oil works to brighten, soothe, and hydrate the skin.
  • Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate: A highly stable, oil-soluble vitamin C ester that has been shown to effectively penetrate the skin without causing irritation. Lab synthesized.

Preservatives Used:

  • The Beauty Elixir 1 is an oil-based product which contains very little water; thus, a preservative system isn’t necessary. Vitamin E and Rosemary Leaf Extract are used to pro-long shelf life and prevent oxidation.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate: Synthetic | Ester of Vitamin E | EWG Score: 3
  • Tocopherol/Vitamin E: Natural | EWG Score: 1
  • Rosemary Leaf Extract: Natural | Preservative | Antioxidant | EWG Score: 1
Concerning Ingredients
  • Tocopheryl Acetate: A synthetically formed ester of Vitamin E thought to be more stable than naturally occurring tocopherol. The Environmental Working Group lists tocopheryl acetate as a moderate hazard due to concerns related to organ system toxicity, cancer, and contamination. Several studies have also potentially implicated tocopheryl acetate as a skin sensitizer capable of causing contact dermatitis. (source)
  • Citronellol: A naturally occurring scent ingredient derived from plants such as rose, geranium and lemongrass. While natural versions have some skin benefits, synthetic versions can lead to skin irritation or allergic reactions (hence the EWG rating range of 2-5). Due to a change in labeling regulations in the EU, manufacturers are required to list citronellol on ingredient labels even if it only exists in the product as a natural constituent of essential oils contained within the product.
  • Geraniol: A natural compound of certain essential oils. While natural versions of geraniol have some anti-aging benefits, synthetic versions can possibly lead to skin irritation or allergic reactions (hence the EWG rating range of 2-5). Due to a change in labeling regulations in the EU, manufacturers are required to list geraniol on ingredient labels even if it only exists in the product as a natural constituent of essential oils contained within the product.
All Ingredients

ingredients as of: 8/19/2019

sunflower seed hybrid oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, baobab seed oil, kukui seed oil, tamanu oil Natural | Nut Oil | Anti-Inflammatory | Wound Healing | EWG Score: 1 , pumpkin seed oil, CoQ10 Natural | Anti-Aging | EWG Score: 1 , rosehip seed extract, rosa damascena flower oil Natural | Anti-Aging | Anti-Acne | Scar Softening | EWG Score: 1 , non-gmo tocopherol/vitamin E, seabuckthorn fruit extract, prickly pear seed oil Natural | Cactus Seed Oil | Brightening | EWG Score: 1 , black raspberry seed oil, cranberry seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate Naturally Derived | Lab-Synthesized | EWG Score: 1 , safflower seed oil, stearyl glycyrrhetinate Natural | Derived from licorice | Anti-Inflammatory | EWG Score: 1 , rosemary leaf extract Natural | Preservative | Antioxidant | EWG Score: 1 , ascorbyl palmitate Natural | Vitamin C Ester | EWG Score: 1 , sunflower seed oil, water, tocopheryl acetate Synthetic | Ester of Vitamin E | EWG Score: 3 , citronellol Natural | Fragrance | EWG Score: 2-5 , geraniol Natural | Fragrance | EWG Score: 2-5


We gave the Kypris 1,000 Roses Beauty Elixir I an Effectiveness grade of an “A” for its antioxidant rich, anti-aging formula. First of all, we love how much authentic Bulgarian rosa damascena oil is contained within this product (near the top of the ingredient list!). Rose oil offers the rare combination of anti-aging, anti-acne, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and emollient properties. Thus, this facial oil is actually quite effective at balancing oily skin and preventing breakouts. It also visibly evens out skin tone and brightens the overall complexion after several weeks of use. Immediately upon first use, we noticed softer and more moisturized skin. The oil is rich, but it soaks in instantly and leaves a beautifully natural dewy glow. While you do notice the floral rose scent immediately upon application, it only lingers a few minutes before vanishing completely. Additionally, this oil is not greasy in the slightest. In fact, our only complaint about the Beauty Elixir’s performance is that the oil felt a little too dry. Some of our drier skin types reported needing to use 8-10 drops (instead of the recommended 2-5) to feel really moisturized.  Other than that, the 1,000 Roses Beauty Elixir performed as expected–a potent all around anti-aging facial oil.

Product Effectiveness Summary

Works Best For: Dry Skin, Mature Skin, Combination Skin, Normal Skin, Acne-Prone Skin, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Spots, Anti-Aging.

Official Usage Instructions: As you anoint your skin with 2 to 5 drops of Beauty Elixir morning and night, offer yourself an honest compliment. For best results, apply Beauty Elixir AM & PM in combination with your favorite KYPRIS serums. For external use only.

Ease of Use: Best if layered over your cleanser, toner, and treatment serums. While you can easily layer a moisturizer on top of this oil, the Beauty Elixir can be a replacement moisturizer for oily, combo, and normal skin types.

Most Notable Results

  • Moisturizes & softens skin
  • Brightens overall skin tone
  • Helps to reduce acne breakouts
  • Helps to balance oil/sebum

Claims Not Met

  • Dry Skin Moisturizer: Drier skin types reported needing to use more than the recommended 2-5 drops to feel really moisturized.

We analyzed 53 customer reviews for the Kypris 1,000 Roses Beauty Elixir I organic facial oil from 6 online retailers (including stores like Amazon, Detox Market, and Nordstrom). Across all retailers, the Beauty Elixir I received an average customer review score of 4.3/5 stars—earning a grade of “B” for our Online Customer Review score. On the positive side, most of the reviews centered around the Beauty Elixir’s moisturizing abilities. Customers reported softer, brighter, and “dewy” looking skin. A few reviewers mentioned loving the Elixir’s ability to moisturize their skin during the winter season. Critical reviews of the Beauty Elixir include issues with the product’s natural rose scent, customers not feeling a big enough change in their skin to warrant a repurchase, and reports that the product was not moisturizing enough. See Pros & Cons below for a full summary.

Customer Review Summary

reviews last evaluated: 8/19/2019

  • *Kypris: 1 Reviews | Average Score: 5 Stars
  • *Amazon: 32 Reviews | Average Score: 4.3 Stars
  • *Detox Market: 4 Reviews | Average Score: 4.5 Stars


  • A little goes a long way! Product lasts several months.
  • A “rich” anti-aging oil that moisturizes dry skin
  • Gives skin a “dewy” appearance
  • Brightens skin tone and evens out complexion 
  • Great as a moisturizer during the cold winter season
  • Fights acne causing bacteria and minimizes breakouts


  • Strong floral/rose scent 
  • A few reviewers reported that this oil was not moisturizing enough for them
  • A few reviewers reported not seeing a big enough difference in their skin to warrant a repurchase.


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