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Written By: Diane Elizabeth K. // First Published: 06/02/2020

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When our Skin Care Ox team decided to look for natural energy alternatives to coffee, we scrutinized our energy options the same way that we would any natural skin care and lifestyle product. Our search led us to try over a dozen natural energy alternatives ranging from energy-boosting candies to red light therapy devices. Each natural remedy tested needed to meet our review benchmarks (clean ingredients, reputable brand, etc) and avoided traditional supplements (pills or energy powders) other than food-based products.

The B.LXR had been on our radar for a while and we decided to give it a go for 30 days using a 1/2 vial per day. B.LXR Brain Fuel is advertised as a simple drink that can be used whenever you need a boost of energy. The concept is that you can take anywhere from 1/3 of a vial to a full vial depending on your performance needs. Overall, the B.LXR provided a surprising amount of energy given the simplicity of the ingredients and the lack of caffeine. The results were immediate–a boost of energy, mental clarity, and easy focus. This “boost of energy” feeling remained sustained throughout the day without crashes or the need for a “top off.” Surprisingly, reviewers reported no impact on their sleep although their energy levels remained high throughout the trial period. All in all, the B.LXR exceeded our expectations! In fact, out of all natural energy alternatives we tried–the B.LXR Brain Fuel was chosen as our new office favorite.

Below, you’ll find a complete summary of our in-depth 30 day review of Beekeeper’s Naturals B.LXR Brain Fuel. Our reviews are organized into three categories: The Clean Ingredient Score (is the product made with clean ingredients?), Product Design & Effectiveness Score (does it actually work?), and the Online Customer Review Score (what is everyone else saying?). Combined, this review should provide everything you need to decide if this royal jelly energy booster is right for you. Enjoy!


Product Name: B.LXR BRAIN FUEL

Product Description: A caffeine free brain fueling nootropic energy shot made with 3 simple, all natural ingredients: royal jelly, bacopa monnieri, and ginkgo biloba. Size: 6 x 10ml vials Packaging: Glass Vials Consistency: Liquid Taste: Strong Herbal Samples Available: No

Price: 29.99

Currency: USD

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The B.LXR Brain Fuel energy shot has earned a clean ingredient score of an “A” for its all natural formulation. The B.LXR contains just five simple ingredients: royal jelly, bacopa monnieri plant extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, non-gmo vegetable glycerin, and purified water. All of the ingredients included are 100% natural, gluten-free, caffeine free, and free from sugars, wheat, yeast, soy, corn, dairy, eggs, and anything artificial.

Clean Ingredient Summary


Top Clean Ingredients

  • Royal Jelly: It is said that royal jelly is a valuable source of antioxidants and may help support brain function. Did you know that royal jelly is the exclusive food of the Queen Bee? This is why she grows much bigger than the other bees and is able to lay thousands of eggs!
  • Bacopa Monnieri: An adaptogenic herb and popular nootropic said to promote stress relief and enhance brain function.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: Said to promote a range of cognitive functions (including memory, learning, and focus). Ginkgo is packed with antioxidants, flavonoids, and beneficial adaptogenic compounds.

Preservatives Used:

  • None: This is a food-grade product that comes vacuumed sealed and has a 1 year (sealed) expiration date.

Concerning Ingredients
  • None!
All Ingredients

Ingredients as of: 05/20/2020

Royal jelly (500mg), bacopa monnieri plant extract (300mg), ginkgo biloba leaf extract (400mg), non-GMO vegetable glycerin, and purified water.


The B.LXR from Beekeeper’s Naturals has earned a Product Design & Effective Score of an “A+” for their easy to use and super effective caffeine-free brain fuel drink. For our trial, a team of 2 reviewers reviewed the B.LXR Brain Fuel drink for approximately 30 days. During this month trial, our reviewers used 1/2 vial of B.LXR every morning before breakfast. It is important to note that during this 30 day review period, our reviewers abstained from their normal caffeine usage voluntarily. This allowed them to compare their perceived energy levels with the B.LXR vs their normal energy sources.

First and foremost, using the B.LXR Brain Fuel drink is super easy. Each package comes with six glass vials factory sealed in a resealable wax top. Each vial can be easily divided into 1/3, 1/2, and full-vial doses (per the official usage instructions). Beekeeper’s Naturals recommends 1/3 vial for “daily support,” 1/2 vial for “upgraded performance,” and a full vial for “peak brain power.” Thus, a standard 6-vial pack can last as much as 18 uses (1/3 vial) and as few as 6 uses (1 vial).

When it comes to performance, the B.LXR is second to none compared to other natural energy alternatives we’ve reviewed. According to our reviewers, the B.LXR actually delivers on its promise of providing “more focus”, “tons of energy”, and “mental stamina.” Without jitters, crashes or caffeine, the B.LXR manages to provide a noticeable amount of “energy” and personal stamina. One reviewer described the energy as “a subtle, but obvious boost of energy. I just feel capable of tackling my to-do list without the anxious jitters from coffee.” There were no reports of excessive energy, sleeplessness, or “crashes” from our reviewers over the 30 day period.  The B.LXR scored its lowest scores in the area of taste. The B.LXR Brain Fuel is very reminiscent of ginkgo biloba–a strong, earthy taste. This is tapered somewhat by the slight sweetness in the royal jelly. Even though the taste was not the most delicious, our reviewers never felt the need to “wash it down” with any other beverages.  Our reviewers described the flavor as “tolerable,” “not too bad,” “earthy,” and “strong.” When surveyed, all reviewers noted that they would definitely purchase the B.LXR for their normal daily routines once their trial period had ended.

Product Effectiveness Summary

Works Best For: Natural Daily Energy 

Official Usage Instructions: Start out with ⅓ to ½ a vial each day. Take up to 1 vial daily. Each box of B.LXR contains 6 vials of brain fuel, which can last anywhere between 6 and 18 uses, depending on your specific cranial needs. Here’s what we recommend… ⅓ VIAL for daily support & maintenance, ½ VIAL for upgraded performance, 1 FULL VIAL for PEAK brain power. And remember, consistency is key. The more regularly you take B.LXR, the more your brain benefits!

Ease of Use: Each vial comes in with a resealable wax top for easy storage and use. Travel-ready, easy to use on the go, and relatively easy to dispense for full or partial usage. 

Most Notable Results

  • Steady energy
  • No jitters or crashes
  • Focus
  • Mental clarity 

Claims Not Met

  • None: This product made no claims of effectiveness which our team did not experience during our trial.


After analyzing 445 online customer reviews from retailers including Thrive Market and Amazon, the B.LXR Brain Fuel from Beekeeper’s Naturals has earned an Online Customer Review Score of a “B”. Overall, online customer reviews are polarized between two extremes: “this is the best stuff ever” vs “I didn’t feel anything.” Out of all 445 reviews, 26 customers left a 1 star review, 274 customers left 5 star reviews, and 145 customers were somewhere in the middle. The overall sentiment across all customers were positive, although there were criticisms. On the positive side, customers raved about the B.LXR’s results: “really help with energy,” “definitely feel more focused,”my go-to for afternoon energy.” Energy and focus were the two most popular terms used amongst positive reviewers. On the critical side, some reviewers simply didn’t feel anything at all. Among critical reviewers,  the most frequently given criticism of the B.LXR amounted to “saw no results.” See Pros & Cons for more details.

Customer Review Summary

Reviews last evaluated: 06/06/2020


  • Energy
  • Focus & Alertness
  • No jitters or crashes
  • Mental Clarity


  • No Effect or Results
  • Strong taste

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Beekeeper’s Naturals is a bee-friendly natural brand focused on creating healthier, more sustainable alternatives to medicine cabinet remedies. In addition to offering superfood clean honey blends (which can be used for everything from skin care to sweetening),  they also make several honey-powered products including throat sprays, cough syrups, bee pollen, and brain fuels.  The key ingredients featured in all Beekeeper’s Naturals products are made by their hardest working employees: the bees! Bee propolis, bee pollen, royal jelly, raw honey, and buckwheat honey are just a few of their star ingredients. Others include coconut MCTs, bacopa monnieri, ginkgo biloba, sunflower lecithin, vegetable glycerin, and hemp extract (CBD). Beekeeper’s Naturals is committed to pesticide free, sustainable beekeeping and even donates a portion of their apparel line in support of bee charities and causes.


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Beekeeper’s Naturals – B Powered Superfood Honey ($39.99)

A true "superfood" honey packed with raw enzymatic honey, royal jelly, raw bee pollen, and bee propolis extract. This powerful honey is perfect for using as a sweetener or as an ingredient in DIY skin care masks and acne spot treatments. It has a slightly nutty/floral taste (from the raw bee pollen), but blends perfectly into everything that you would normally use honey for. A great tool to have around the home for skin and health!