Want to look glamorous without sacrificing your health or the health of your skin? Then check out the world of organic and all-natural makeup! Discover makeup that is beautifully colored with vibrant pigments made from natural minerals, berry pigments, chocolate, and herbs. Makeup that’s good enough to eat—now that’s clean beauty. Each year, we research and test hundreds of organic makeup products narrow down the list of the cleanest and most effective. Check out our guides below to discover the best products and brands from our research.

The Best Organic & Natural Makeup Primers of 2021 For Poreless Skin

Ever wonder how some women achieve near flawless makeup application that lasts all day long? Well, you can achieve this look every day without having to spend hours meticulously applying your foundation. As it turns out, one of the best kept secrets to achieving a super smooth foundation look is to use a natural facial primer. Find out which natural primers will transform your makeup game in this guide.

The Best Natural & Organic Lip Balms of 2022

Whether you are looking for an intense lip treatment for dry, chapped, winter-battled lips or a simple moisturizing (and perhaps tasty) everyday lip balm, this big book of bomb balms has got you covered. We scoured the web in an effort to create the ultimate glossary (pun intended) of amazing organic lip balms from reputable brands. The result? This list of the top 60 delicious certified organic, SPF, tinted, vegan, flavored, and unflavored organic lip balms. Each balm below contains a [...]


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