5 Best Pure Aloe Vera Gels in 2021 (for the Face & Skin)

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If you’ve ever tried shopping for 100% pure organic aloe vera gel, then you know that it is a nearly impossible task. The benefits of a pure aloe vera gel are never-ending. It’s a potent skin soother, known to calm irritated skin, ease pain, and help with itchy skin. But, it’s also very delicate and requires preservatives in order to maintain viable shelf life. That’s why almost every “100% pure aloe” product on the market actually contains about 99% – 99.75% pure ingredients plus a small percentage of preservatives and thickeners. (However, we did find one truly 100% pure product which you can read about below!).

What to Look For in a 100% Pure Organic Aloe Vera Gel

The quality of these preservatives will determine the safety and effectiveness of the product. The most common additional ingredients you’ll find are:

  • Citric acid (a non-toxic preservative)
  • Xanthan gum (a safe thickening agent)
  • Potassium sorbate (mold-inhibiting preservative)
  • Vitamin c (a stabilizing antioxidant)

There are some studies that suggest that potassium sorbate can cause skin irritation for some skin types. Alternatives to xanthan gum and potassium sorbate include agar-agar (thickener), radish root ferment (preservative), vitamin E (preservative), grapefruit seed extract (stabilizer), and guar gum (thickener). While all of these ingredients work differently, they are all safe and non-toxic. It would also be wise to avoid products where water is listed as the first ingredient. This means that the product contains mostly water and it could be diluted.

With that said, we went out in search of the purest organic aloe vera gel products that we could find. In the end, only five products made the cut and only one product contained 100% without any preservatives or thickeners. The remaining four products contain between 98% and 99.75%. These are safe to use on the skin as a moisturizer, burn treatment, scalp moisturizer, and DIY skin care ingredient. (Also, one of the products below is food-grade and can be added to smoothies and juices).

1. Amara Organics 99.75% Gel

Amara Organics 99.75% Gel | $17.95 |
Price : $17.95

A great gel product that contains 99.75% pure, cold-pressed, and organic inner leaf aloe vera gel. The consistency is more like a liquid than a gel. It goes on smooth, absorbs quickly, and isn't sticky. Can be worn as a daily toner, mixed with your favorite moisturizer, or used for any number of skin irritations such as itchy scalp, sunburns, dry skin, and scrapes + cuts.

Shop Amara Organics 99.75% Gel

2. Aubrey Organics 98% Gel

Aubrey Organics 98% Gel | $9.95 |
Price : $9.95

Instead of potassium sorbate, this 98% pure organic aloe vera gel uses radish root ferment as a gentle natural preservative (also contains water, guar gum, and citric acid). It doesn't contain a lot of thickeners; therefore, this product is watery and not gel-like. This organic gel works well as a burn + sunburn treatment. Just pour onto a cotton ball and apply to the burned area.

Shop Aubrey Organics 98% Gel

3. AdaptALOE 100% Pure USDA Juice Crystals

AdaptALOE 100% Pure USDA Juice Crystals | | $6-54
Price Range : $6-54

Another super pure organic aloe vera powder made from 100% pure inner leaf juice that's USDA certified organic. It is freeze-dried and also contains no preservatives, thickeners, or fillers. The best part about this product is that each box comes with 8 individually wrapped packets. So you can use them as you need them and store the rest for later. These are crystals, so while they have the same great properties of aloe, you won't get a "gel-like" consistency with these.

Shop AdaptALOE 100% Pure USDA Juice Crystals

4. PAJE 100% Natural Powder

PAJE 100% Natural Powder | $7.99 |
Price : $7.99

This is one of the very few 100% pure organic inner leaf aloe product on the market that we could find. It's a white powder because it's made only from pure dehydrated organic inner leaf gel and does not contain the exterior leaf. It contains no preservatives, thickeners, or fillers. It is produced by freeze-drying the nourishing inner leaf gel of the plant. Simply add a few drops of water to the powder and mix until it reaches your desired consistency. Perfect for homemade DIY recipes like hand sanitizers, face masks, sunburn treatments, or smoothies.

Shop PAJE 100% Natural Powder

5. Seven Minerals 99% Gel

Seven Minerals 99% Gel | $19.95 |
Price : $19.95

A unique organic aloe vera gel that contains organic leaf juice, agar-agar, citric acid, vitamin C, and potassium sorbate. It contains no xanthan gum. Due to the potassium sorbate, sensitive skin types should spot test this before use. It has a nice consistency and blends well when mixed into other homemade skin care recipes.

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The product contains only natural ingredients (non-synthetic or lab created). It does not contain anything artificial or synthetic.



The product has been formulated with 100% organically sourced and/or certified organic ingredients.



This product does not contain ingredients which have been genetically modified.



All of the ingredients contained in the product are free from gluten, wheat, and ingredients which are commonly contaminated with gluten.



The product is made without animal products or byproducts such as beeswax, honey, milk, eggs, etc.



The product has received an official organic certification from a third party organization such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA Certified Organic), ECOCERT, Australian Certified Organic, and others.


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