Brand Review: Beekeeper’s Naturals Product Reviews

Beekeeper’s Naturals is a bee-friendly natural brand focused on creating healthier, more sustainable alternatives to medicine cabinet remedies. In addition to offering superfood clean honey blends (which can be used for everything from skin care to sweetening),  they also make several honey-powered products including throat sprays, cough syrups, bee pollen, and brain fuels.  The key ingredients featured in all Beekeeper’s Naturals products are made by their hardest working employees: the bees! Bee propolis, bee pollen, royal jelly, raw honey, and buckwheat honey are just a few of their star ingredients. Others include coconut MCTs, bacopa monnieri, ginkgo biloba, sunflower lecithin, vegetable glycerin, and hemp extract (CBD). Beekeeper’s Naturals is committed to pesticide free, sustainable beekeeping and even donates a portion of their apparel line in support of bee charities and causes.

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Beekeeper’s Naturals – B Powered Superfood Honey ($39.99)

A true "superfood" honey packed with raw enzymatic honey, royal jelly, raw bee pollen, and bee propolis extract. This powerful honey is perfect for using as a sweetener or as an ingredient in DIY skin care masks and acne spot treatments. It has a slightly nutty/floral taste (from the raw bee pollen), but blends perfectly into everything that you would normally use honey for. A great tool to have around the home for skin and health!

Beekeeper’s Naturals – B Chill Superfood Honey with Hemp ($49.99)

An alternative to the brand's Superfood Honey, this B Chill Honey contains 500mg-900mg of hemp extract (depending on the unit size). Other ingredients include raw honey, coconut MCTs, and sunflower lecithin (the B Chill contains 0% THC). This honey was designed to leverage the power hemp oil to promote stress reduction and support sleep. The taste is wonderfully sweet and earthy--very specific to this particular product.

Beekeeper’s Naturals – Bee Propolis Throat Spray ($13.99)

Itchy throats be gone! This simple throat remedy simply contains bee propolis extract, non-gmo vegetable glycerin and purified water. Don't let this simple formula fool ya, it packs a major throat-soothing punch for everything from seasonal allergies to sore throats of all kinds. Bee propolis is naturally antibacterial and also contains a host of compounds known to support healing and the immune system. This spray has a sweet taste and flavor reminiscent of honey.

Beekeeper’s Naturals – 100% Raw Bee Pollen ($24.99)

Add a boost of nutrients to your daily diet in a snap with this 100% raw wildflower bee pollen. Bee pollen is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and protein builders and can be easily added to smoothies, cereal, toasts, salads, or taken straight up!