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Written By: Diane Elizabeth K. // First Published: 06/09/2020

True Botanicals is a widely known clean beauty brand with a cult-following around their exclusive product line. One of their most researched products is their Resurfacing Moisture Mask. The mask promises to deeply exfoliate the skin while simultaneously providing moisture to create an “instant glow.” This luxury mask has garnered over 100,000 online reviews in its short life and has been endorsed by celebrities like Olivia Wilde. But, does the Resurfacing Moisture Mask really work? Is this mask from True Botanicals worth the hype? Is it really non-toxic? How does it compare to other exfoliating treatments and non-toxic face peels? What makes this mask different from other natural face masks? In an effort to get to the bottom of these and more questions, our team set out to experience this mask first hand and separate fact from fiction.

Below, you’ll find a complete summary of our in-depth two week review of True Botanical’s Resurfacing Moisture Mask. Our reviews are organized into three categories: The Clean Ingredient Score (is the product made with clean ingredients?), Product Design & Effectiveness Score (does it actually work?), and the Online Customer Review Score (what is everyone else saying?). Combined, this review should provide everything you need to decide if this exfoliating mask is right for you. Enjoy!


Product Name: Resurfacing Moisture Mask

Product Description: An exfoliating facial mask that works in a flash. Packed with fruit acids and moisturizing ingredients, this mask promises to deeply exfoliate without causing dryness. Size: 1.01 oz Packaging: Glass Jar Consistency: Premixed gel-like mask Scent: Floral/Jasmine Samples Available: No

Price: 65

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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The True Botanicals Resurfacing Moisture Mask has earned a Clean Ingredient Score of an “A” for its MADE SAFE certified formula made with a blend of natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients. The formula is made with 15 ingredients of which three are organic (organic tea leaf extract, avocado oil, and bergamot fruit oil). The mask lost some Clean Ingredient points due to its inclusion of hydrogenated vegetable oil and ethylhexylglycerin. Although all ingredients in the the Resurfacing Moisture Mask have been rated as “safe” and “low concern” by the EWG and MADE SAFE, there are some early studies pointing to ethylhexylglycerin has a potential skin irritant even at low concentrations.

Clean Ingredient Summary


Top Clean Ingredients

  • Lactic Acid: A plant-derived alpha hydroxy exfoliating acid that is naturally produced through bacterial fermentation.
  • Mango Seed Butter: Derived from the seed of the mango fruit, mango seed butter is used in skin care because it is a natural source of vitamin A and provides protection for dry, irritated skin.
  • Avocado Butter: A rich carrier oil derived from the seeds of avocados. Commonly used in skin care due to it’s high omega fatty acid, mineral, and vitamin A, D, and E content.
  • Astaxanthin: A powerful antioxidant that works to promote skin elasticity, reduce moisture loss, and decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

Preservatives Used:

  • Phenethyl Alcohol: Natural | Plant Derived | Preservative | Fragrance | | EWG Score: 1
  • Ethylhexylglycerin: Synthetic | Plant Derived | Preservative | EWG Score: 2

Concerning Ingredients
  • Ethylhexylglycerin: Often used in cosmetics as an alternative preservative to parabens, ethylhexylglycerin is a synthetic compound derived from plant-based sources. While generally considered safe, early studies have found the compound to be a skin irritant and linked to contact dermatitis. (source | source)
  • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil: Hydrogenated oils are created by saturating natural oils with hydrogen until it converts from a liquid into a solid or semi-solid state. Hydrogenated oils are commonly used in skin care due to their shelf-stability, cost-effectiveness, and thickening properties. The hydrogenation process creates trans fats which have been linked to adverse health effects such as increased bad cholesterol levels and an increased risk for coronary heart disorders. While there is little evidence that hydrogenated oils in skin care cause adverse health effects, those who are avoiding hydrogenated oils in their food may also wish to avoid these ingredients in their skin care. (source | source)
  • Sodium Hydroxide: Sodium hydroxide is commonly found in skin care and beauty products as a pH adjuster to help maintain a healthy pH level. In well formulated products, most of the sodium hydroxide is neutralized during the chemical process–leaving only small to trace amounts in the final product. In the case of soaps, excess sodium hydroxide is used up by its reaction with the fats present in the soap formula. Even though sodium hydroxide is typically rendered harmless once the chemical reactions are complete, you will still find it listed as a raw ingredient on the final product ingredient label based on its original proportion.(source | source)
All Ingredients

Ingredients as of: 06/09/2020

green and white tea leaf extract*, vegetable glycerin, lactic acid Natural | Exfoliant | Humectant | EWG Score: 1 , mango seed butter, avocado oil*, water, hydrogenated vegetable oil Synthetic | Skin Conditioning Agent | Thickening Agent | EWG Score: 1 , phenethyl alcohol Synthetic | Preservative | Fragrance | EWG Score: 1 , ethylhexylglycerin Synthetic | Preservative | EWG Score: 2 , xanthan gum Natural | Binder | Stabilizer | EWG Score: 1 , astaxanthin, sodium hydroxide Natural | ph adjuster | EWG Score: 1-4 , bergamot fruit oil*, jasmine flower extract, ylang ylang flower oil


The Resurfacing Moisture Mask has earned a Product Design & Effectiveness Score of a solid “A” for it’s quick “facial in a jar” gel mask. Our reviewers used the Resurfacing Moisture Mask 1-2x per week (at night) for two weeks while following the official usage instructions.

On first impressions, the mask has a pretty peach color, a pleasant floral scent reminiscent of jasmine, and a smooth gel-like texture similar to many fruit acid masks and peels. The mask comes pre-mixed and ready to use, so no mixing or preparation is required. While it is OK to apply the mask using your fingertips, our reviewers chose to use a mask brush for a smoother, more even application across the face.

First and foremost, the Resurfacing Moisture Mask is a very potent exfoliating peel. It contains a high concentration of lactic acid and, thus, needs only to be worn for 2-5 minutes to work its magic. A little of this mask goes a very long way–only a thin layer is needed to see dramatic results. The Resurfacing Moisture Mask should be used at night because the newly exfoliated skin may be sensitive to direct sunlight. Across the board, our reviewers loved how “quick and easy” this “mess free” mask was to incorporate into their existing daily skin care routines. One reviewer noted “It takes less time for me to use this mask everyday than it does to brush my teeth.” The instructions were clear, simple, and easy for our reviewers to follow.

When it comes to performance, the Resurfacing Moisture Mask delivered solid results–especially considering the quick application. After just one use, many reviewers noted that they skin had an “instant glow,” looked “visibly smoother,” and felt “baby soft.” At the end of the two week trial, reviewers overall felt that the product helped to improve the texture of their skin, brightened their complexion, and minimized the appearance of dark spots. There is some mild tingling upon application as the mask gets to work. Because of the potency, the mask gets a fair bit of work done in a short amount of time. A few of our reviewers noted that they continued using the mask after the trial had completed simply because of its convenience and speed. The Resurfacing Moisture Mask did lose some points against its claim of being “moisturizing.” The mask is certainly not as drying as you would expect given its strength, but it didn’t provide any noticeable moisture on its own. Our reviewers reported softer skin only after applying their usual skin care routines. Additionally, the potency of this mask was an issue for those with a variety of sensitive skin types and conditions. One reviewer experienced a mild breakout upon first use and another reviewer with sensitive skin experienced red patches.

Overall, True Botanical’s Resurfacing Moisture Mask is a powerful, quick, and easy exfoliating mask/peel which seems to be effective for most at smoothing, brightening, and softening skin. The mask need only be worn for 2-5 minutes (do not wear for longer!). Due to the concentration of lactic acid (and the inclusion of a potential skin irritant, ethylhexylglycerin), this mask may not be suited for those who identify as having sensitive skin and sensitized skin conditions.

Product Effectiveness Summary

Works Best For: Dry Skin | Mature Skin | Dull Skin | Congested Skin | Oily Skin | Combo Skin

Official Usage Instructions: Massage onto clean dry skin. Leave on for 2-5 minutes. Gently remove with a warm, wet washcloth. Use once or twice weekly in the evening.

Ease of Use: This pre-mixed mask need only to be worn for 2-5 minutes. Can be applied using your finger or a mask brush. Easily fits into any skin care routine.

Most Notable Results

  • Quick application & use
  • Noticeable floral scent
  • Potent fruit acid mask with fast results
  • Smooths skin texture
  • Softens skin
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots
  • Brightens dull complexion
  • Helps to unclog pores

Claims Not Met

  • Moisturizing: Our reviewers did not find the Resurfacing Moisture Mask to be noticeably drying nor noticeably moisturizing. The mask worked well for reviewers with dry skin and oilier skin types, but did not provide any particular moisture on its own.


Our team analyzed over 100,000 reviews for the True Botanicals Resurfacing Moisture mask from both the brand’s website and their retail partner, Ipsy. At the time of this review, True Botanicals does not offer its products through third-party retailers or wholesalers. At the end of our analysis, the Resurfacing Moisture Mask had an average customer review of 4.0/5 stars–earning a grade of “B-” for our Online Customer Review Score. On the positive side, online customers echoed many of our own experiences with the mask. Online customers reported things like “super soft skin,” “moisturizing for dry,” and “works wonders!!.” While many customer reviews were positive, there were mixed criticisms about the products floral scent and formulation. Some reviewers found the floral scent to be “natural” and “intoxicating,” while others described it as “weird” and “overpowering.” There were additional customer criticisms regarding the mask’s formulation including experiences of “burning,” “redness,” and “breakouts” from a variety of skin types. See Pros & Cons for more details.

Customer Review Summary

Reviews last evaluated: 06/09/2020

  • Ipsy: 103.647 Reviews | Average Score: 4.0 Stars


  • Immediate results
  • Softens skin tone
  • Brightens complexion
  • Brightens dark spots
  • Strong floral scent
  • Quick application
  • Nice texture


  • Floral scent 
  • May be too strong for sensitive & sensitized skin types
  • May cause irritation for some skin types
  • May be too strong for some acne skin types

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website: Shop True Botanicals | year founded: 2014

After being diagnosed with cancer, Hillary Peterson founded True Botanicals in an effort to share her newfound determination to never “put toxic ingredients in my body.” The entire True Botanicals product line is certified by MADE SAFE, an organization which maintains a list of over 5,000 restricted and banned chemicals. In addition to avoiding potentially harmful ingredients, True Botanicals loads their formulas with organic, natural, and wild-crafted ingredients. Their skin care line includes a range of anti-aging, anti-acne, and sensitive skin soothing skin care products.


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