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Full-Sized Organic Products

Ox Boxes are packed with value! Get full-sized organic skin care at a fraction of the cost.

Exclusive Discounts & Deals

Save 10-20% off future purchases from our brands with exclusive deals found only in the Ox Box.

Real Organic & Natural Products

Our promise: we only feature the highest quality beauty products that are actually organic and natural–no exceptions!

Skin Care Tips & Fun Surprises

Each Ox Box contains helpful skin care tips, advice on how to use each product, exclusive deals, and fun surprises.

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Ox Boxes Are Sold Out!

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Discover the best products from reputable, high-quality, natural & organic brands like these (and many more) every season!


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The Ox Box contains the same high-quality products found on our Best Organic Skin Care lists!


Our Happy Customers

Each Ox Box is hand-packed with love. From the detailed product information cards to a surprise ultra-luxury product every season, we try our best to make each season memorable. We’re also deeply committed to customer satisfaction on all levels–that’s why we have so many happy customers!

Words from our happy customers…

  • My Ox Box came and it was like Christmas morning!! My infertility journey has lead me to look for more of a natural skin care and make up routine. My spring box is amazing. I’m already obsessed with the toner and face wash which I use in the morning, because it’s gentle and smells amazing!

    Ansley @ansleysadventures
  • When I received my Ox Box in the mail, I knew I was in for a treat. I was greeted with new products and brands I’ve never had the chance of trying out. I immediately fell in love. Not only are the products vegan and cruelty-free, but they’re made without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals - two important factors that are very important in my books. The golden wrapping of the luxury product and goodie bag of samples also made summer feel like Christmas. Who knew natural beauty could be so fun?

    Carly @livelovefruit
  • The Spring 2019 box is my first subscription to Oxbox and I was not sure what to expect. When I opened the box I could not believe how beautiful everything was presented. Each luxurious product exactly matched my skin type and needs for my 50+ year old skin. Usage cards were very helpful in educating me on how to use each product. I worked in the skincare industry for 25+ years and have never come across anything like Oxbox before. Truly impressed and I look forward to receiving my next box! Thank you!

    Lynn V
    Lynn V 5 Star Review: Mar 17 2019
  • The box is beautiful. The wrapping was so thoughtful and simply lovely. As a mom of three young boys I felt immediately pampered just by opening the box. Great job!

    Amy Summer 2018 Ox Box
  • My ox box arrived yesterday. When I opened up the package I knew this was a great treat! Everything was packaged beautifully and personalized just for me. Christmas began a bit early. What great fun! A card was enclosed for each item. So I got to read about each company and each product included. What a great way to learn about all the organic and natural products out there!

    Benita G
    Benita G 5 Star Review: Dec 18 2018
  • Received my first OxBox - absolutely delighted with it. It's beautifully wrapped and tied with a bow! Inside is a little note about what's in the box and there are laminated info cards about each product packed inside. And WOW on the products! This is definitely a gift for yourself - everything is all natural, GMO free, cruelty free. Good for you in every way!!!

    Jean C.
    Jean C. 5 Stars - Dec 17 2018
  • Everything chosen in this box was made with care. Looking and reading all the different ingredients out there is exhausting. But Ox Box is pure magic! It does all the work for me. My skin is already glowing. Thank you for making it so easy and for creating such a stunning product.

    Beth 5 Star Review: Jan 3 2019
  • I'm trying to cut out all sorts of toxins from our home and personal care and stumbled on Ox Box. Just got the May box and I'm super impressed with it! You get a ton for your money...def worth it! All full sized products. Along with the products, you get postcards about the companies with coupons for future purchases. I will absolutely keep this subscription and plan to gift it to my step-daughter as well!

    Kim 4 Star Review: May 13 2019

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Ox Box Reviews

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Skin Care Ox
Average rating:  
 66 reviews
 by Aicia

I am so impressed by the value of the contents in the Ox Box! I think that knowing what’s inside makes it even more exciting because it’s filled with FULL SIZE, high quality, top brand products! I’m so in love with EVERY item inside and cannot wait for my next box to come! I love it so much, I ordered more!

 by Kristen
Great gift!

i was given an OxBox "Sensitive Skin" box as a gift last year. Admittedly, I don't typically prioritize whether or not a facial product is organic or not, so I had pretty average expectations for the contents of the box. I cannot reiterate enough how much I loved these products - I actually bought a few of them individually as I've begun to run out. Of all the products, I was most obsessed with the "Rosemira" Soothing Cream (it.feels.so.good) and the Suki ultra-protect body balm. These are two products that I now cannot live without and I never would have known they existed if not for this fabulous box! 🙂

 by Sumya Hasan
Absolutely incredible- quality of products AND customer service

I write reviews pretty infrequently but if I really feel like a 5 star rating needs additional praise attached to it, then it usually means the quality was EXCEPTIONAL.

And I really think Skincare Ox and the CEO/founder Diane Elizabeth deserve a lot of praise.

While obviously the whole "natural skin care" thing almost feel like it hit like a wave in the USA lately, it doesn't mean that the definition isn't being interpreted in various ways. What I really appreciate about this site is that they will do proper research on the skin product company that they partner with and will go so far as to mention the percentage of ingredients are organic/natural/non-toxic for a company (example- something like "company X has high quality and are made of 80% natural ingredients"

The partner companies are diverse and so far I've liked what i read and have seen on several of the website pages for the skin care brands that I've gotten in the "ox box"

I appreciate that Diane put this kind of effort to ensuring that people who receive products from Skincare ox are getting something that cannot be found in majority of products you put on your face- ingredients that aren't harmful with long term exposure

As for customer service, I was shocked at how helpful and accommodating they were. One of my discount cards wasn't being applied correctly (I had two cards from the same brand one with a 10% discount and another for 20% and the code to put in was the same). I wanted to use the 20% discount code for a product and it would only show the 10%.

When I contacted Diane about this, she was apologetic and even got in touch with the company. When she felt like too much time had gone by for me to get the issue fixed, she went out of her way to make it up to me from Skincare ox's side. For that, I am truly appreciative and I think companies who value the customer like this deserve more credit

 by Julie
Good quality box

Box: Acne Remedy
This box is such a good value, from the packaging to the types of products, everything is such good quality, I couldn't believe what I received for the price I paid, this subscription is definitely worth getting to try out new products for half the price, I am so disappointed that they are discontinuing it. Buy them while you can.

 by Julie Rienhardt
winter skin love

The Pai Facial Oil and the Odacite Facial Serum are such a fantastic combo for my winter skin. I was surprised to really love the Vered Oil Cleaser and expect that I will keep that in my routine from now on. The only disappointment for me was the Pai Eye Cream as I seem to have an allergy to something in it and it causes my eyes to weep non stop.

 by Grace
Love It

High quality products and pure luxury. Full sized products and beautiful packaging. Highly recommend. Time to treat yourself!

 by Samantha Fails
New Discoveries

I really like a lot of these products. Its great that they're full sized so you really get a good feel if they work with your skin. Its nice to be able to exposed to brands i havent heard of with added benefits of the products being less processed chemically. Sometimes the scents can be a bit bothersome, and tge price of the box is a bit much, but the products are pretty spendy anyways. So far so good!

 by Julee

My first Ox Box (Fall 2019) had such a fabulous choice of products. I have been floundering with my skin for 32 years, and finally found the experts! It is so worth the money to have quality products chosen for me that suit my skin type.

 by Diana
Fall 2019 Oxbox

This is my 4th OxBox! I love receiving the new product in each box! Rosemira See Me C Serum is a great serum! Love the Nature My Body Lavender Toner, smells wonderful !

 by Raven
Summer Box

I tried the summer ox box and fell in love! I will always get one for every season! Ox box is the best!

 by Shannon B
Great Products!

I received the summer box for 2019. The packaging was beautiful with personalized touches. I have very sensative skin and I enjoyed all of the products that I received. I am looking forward to the next box!

 by Idalia
Fall 2019

I have mixed feelings about this season’s ox box. I love the packaging of the box and I liked that you got to choose the type of box you wanted, in my case anti-aging. However, I feel like I should be given the choice to swap out products that I’m not interested in or don’t work for me. In my case, I got 2 products from Juice Beauty that I’m just going to gift away because my skin doesn’t react well to that brand. So in this case I feel like the value of my box decreased. On the other hand, I am excited to try some of the other products in my box. I’ll just have to wait till next season to decide whether I keep my subscription or not.

Hi Idalia,Thank you so much for leaving a review! Although the value may have been reduced by the two products that you disliked, luckily you are still saving $65 over retail on the products that you do love. That's essentially the good/bad of subscription boxes---you may not always love all of the products, but at least you're still saving money in the end. One of the ways that we help to prevent this is by showing you exactly which products you'll receive each season. That way, if you see that we are featuring a brand that your skin dislikes--you can simply skip that season if you choose.As always, we value your business and are here to make your Ox Box experience an exceptional one. I've sent you an email with some suggestions on how we can make your experience right--talk soon! 🙂

 by Melanie
Summer 2019

Just wanted to leave a note to say how much I enjoyed my Ox Box this summer. The variety and selection of products are wonderful. It is so nice having someone take the guesswork out of selecting the best products suited to my personal needs! In addition, the packaging is great. I am always excited to open my box and see what goodies await. Thanks!

 by Sherrie
peaceful products

I have been using these products (from the summer box) and I love each one of them. They make my skin feels soft and even my lips (there was a lip balm in my box) feel better. I can see some clearing on my cheeks, they look plumper. This is an amazing skin care box and I know these products are also healthy. I am not putting bad chemicals in body by using these products. I love this box

 by Dawn Cail Lemons
Awesome box!!

This summer box is awesome! I’m pretty picky so I wasn’t sure how things being chosen for me would turn out but I loved all of it. I’ll admit at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about a few things but I truly love them now. I’ll be a little sad to run out of them. However, I’ll also be excited to see what’s new in the Fall box. Ox box has gained my trust now. Clean ingredients are my number one concern and is where other subscription boxes have failed me regardless of their claim. My favorites in this box are the Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum (cannot live without now) and the Osea Advanced Protection Cream. Would I repurchase them? Definitely. My least favorite item was the RMS nail polish. Only because I don’t wear nail polish at all. Overall this was a great experience and I’m very excited for the Fall box! Thanks Ox Box!!

 by Mary
A wonderful experience

I've been with the Ox Box for three seasons now and I have to say I'm having a wonderful experience. Everything is nicely wrapped and it feels like receiving an exciting gift everytime with amazing lovely items. Ox Box really does put time and effort to make something wonderful to put a smile on our faces. Thank you for everyone's hard work! I really appreicate it!

 by Juliane Nagel

I was hesitant at first due to the price, but also wanted to explore organic skincare products so somehow justified the cost. I was pleasantly surprised with the website, easy custom ordering by skincare and my needs. When the box arrived it was like it was my birthday!! The care put into the box, regular sizes products and the amount in each box was beyond my expectations. Please do not change a thing with this subscription! I love it and and joined the email newsletter which provides great articles on products! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! Well Done, Ladies!

 by Theresa
So far, so good!

I got my box about 3 weeks ago and, so far, have loved everything, except the lip moisturizer and the nail polish (I just didn't like the color). I had a bit of lingering eczema that has all but disappeared. I have never really cared for toners on my face, but the RoseMira Roses in Bloom Hydrating Toner has been really good on my mature, leaning towards dry and wanting to wrinkle, skin. My only negative about the toner is the trigger on the bottle is very sticky and often by the time I struggle to push it down, it goes elsewhere but my face (grrrr). I like the serum, but I don't use it in the morning because foundation doesn't go on so well with the serum under; but I use it faithfully at night (pure luxury). It is so wonderful to get to experience these carefully chosen products and not have to spend hours and hours online researching. They are all clearly high quality and my skin loves them all!

I really am thrilled with my Box and I can't wait for the next one! I'm longing to try out the makeup.

 by Julie
A present to myself

I subscribed to all four seasons and just received my third box (Summer!) and I just can't express how amazing the entire experience is. The box is done up just right and the products are beyond amazing. I would have never had the chance or knowledge to find and try these items by myself and it's really been just an overall great experience. Highly recommend!

 by Trish
We love it

My daughters are 11 and 14 years old and are VERY into make up, yet not so diligent about skin care. The Ox Box is an affordable way for us to all try different beauty items and to find what works best for us. The quality of products is exceptional and the attention to detail is appreciated; we love the packaging and hand-written name on our envelope. The note card for each product sent is a great way to remember what products we were shipped each quarter and the information provided on each reminds us of the instructions and other note-worthy tidbits. We highly recommend the Ox Box and suggest all our friends give it a try!

 by Hyun Han

I was a little hesitant at first to dish out $150 for this seasonal box, but I truly love the quality of the products that the box includes. I highly recommend this over Sephora's overpriced Play box. The total value of the items you get in the Ox Box will ALWAYS be over what you paid for. There's nothing in my box that I don't like. This certainly is better than buying each product from Amazon. Would highly recommend this!

 by Amanda
This Box is Everything!

I’m obsessed with skincare and have been trying to find organic and cruelty free products. This box is AMAZING!!! I received so many amazing products and from brands I’ve been wanting to try. The best part is you can try stuff and figure out what you LOVE and want in your skincare lineup for good.
The only problem is I end up loving just about everything lol. I cannot wait to get my next box, it’s like Christmas morning when it arrives! ☺️♥️ Thank you Oxbox has truly changed my outlook on skincare in the best way. 💁🏻‍♀️

 by lynda
So impressed!!!

This is my first OxBox, I am so ecstatic , I feel I have to tell everyone about this superior box. I love receiving my quarterly or monthly boxes, but if I was to pick just one, this is it!! Everything I need for my natural and organic skincare regimen in one box. I can't wait to try my new products. Thank you.

 by Julianne
Blown away

The Summer 2019 box is my first subscription to Oxbox and I was skeptical at first. When I unboxed my Oxbox I was blown away by how aesthetically pleasing the presentation of the products were. Each high quality product was perfectly tailored to my skin care needs. Even the description cards were not only helpful in displaying and explaining me on how to use each product but also the presentation of the cards were beautifully made. I have tried many beauty subscription boxes but none of them compare to Oxbox and the high quality and full sized products inside. Truly blown away and even more excited for my next box! Thank you!

 by Lynn

Came home from work today and found my 3rd OxBox on the front step. I was like a 7 year old on Christmas morning. Not only is the presentation beautiful, I have learned so much about skin care since I received my first OxBox. The cards are so informative and being a former department store makeup/skin care junkie my skin has improved greatly since I switched to the products Skin Ox reviews on their website. I know I look better since my friends believe I have had cosmetic work done on my face and will not admit to it. Thank you so much and I look forward to my 4th box in the Fall.

 by Sara

Today I received my second Skin Care OX box and I am hooked. I came across this website when I decided to really start paying attention to the ingredients that are in all things I buy, especially when it came to my skin. After really looking through this website, I loved everything I saw. So i figured i'd give it a shot. My first box came with such great products and so did the summer box I just got! The price is a good deal for the type of products you get; they are all high quality, natural and organic and come in a good size (I still have most of the products from my last box I got three months ago). I will definitely keep my subscription going!! Im so happy I came across the Skin Care OX.

 by Amanda
So exciting!

I just received my very first Ox Box, & I was pleasantly surprised how it came with a little envelope with my name on it. I got a nice selection of products & I cannot wait to try them! 9 items were in my box, which I added the retail price of & it came to a total of $261! I fully appreciate that Ox Box focuses on the all around quality of the items, & the ingredients in these products are natural & organic. Clean skincare & beauty is becoming more & more popular, & I am so glad Ox Box offers just that for everyone who is looking to put good things on their skin. Thank you for the lovely experience & I am planning on getting the future box!

 by Diana Briant

Love my 1st delivery of the Oxbox! Amazing products inside, some I companies that I have used their product as well as brand new ones. The box allows me to try new items I might not otherwise have tried! Informations enclosed for each product shipped! Will definitely continue my subscription!
Love Skin Care Ox!

 by Katie
Love it!

I was almost out of of my daily cleanser & was on-line ready to order some more then I stumbled across OxBox. They happened to carry the brand I have recently been using. I've been trying to replace household cleaners and personal care with natural, organic ingredients, so OxBox definitely intrigued me. My first box has been a success! I got nice variety of products and all of them have been fabulous. I also got some items I probably wouldn't have bothered purchasing, but I'm loving them (chapsticks, sunblocks, etc.) & I'm so happy I tried this out! Can't wait for my summer surprise! My one criticism would be the packaging. I'm not able to recycle any of it except the box it came in. The laminated cards detailing each of the items, although adorable, cannot be recycled and would make more sense these days to have them available in an app.

 by Idalia
Great 2nd box

This is the second box I get and I was completely satisfied with everything in it. I was not sure if I was going to continue to subscribe after I received my first box because although the products were good, there was not enough variety. However, I reviewed my first box when the Ox Box team asked me and stated my concerns. Well, I’m so glad I stuck it out because this 2nd box is completely amazing. There’s no repeat of the same kind of product and there’s a good variety in the items. I received a body cream, a mask, a mascara, eye cream, a foam cleanser, an oil treatment, a vitamin c moisturizer, and a toner. I can’t wait to see what I get on my 3rd box!

 by Alana
I am going to be a lifelong subscriber, I know it!

I have received 2 boxes so far and am anxiously waiting for my next box in June. After 6 months of dedicated use, my skin is amazing. My first box was great, but my second box was even better as I tweaked my survey and boy did they deliver exactly what I needed. I love this for many reasons. One is that I love the excitement of not knowing what I am going to get. Second is I don't have to spend endless time researching the different companies and ingredients because they do that for you. And last, it truly is a value. I have always tried to get away with the cheapest products that worked. I can't bring myself to spend so much on a single product. But, I got 9 full sized top quality products in my last box that I couldn't buy myself for that same amount at the drug store. Yet, these products are good for me and have awesome ingredients! You can't go wrong if you care about your skin and what you put on it.

 by Kim

I'm trying to cut out all sorts of toxins from our home and personal care and stumbled on Ox Box. Just got the May box and I'm super impressed with it! You get a ton for your money...def worth it! All full sized products. Along with the products, you get postcards about the companies with coupons for future purchases. I will absolutely keep this subscription and plan to gift it to my step-daughter as well!

 by Stephanie

Everything that came in my Ox Box was tailored to my personal skin. It also came with a variety of products! I can't wait to see the results after using these products. This was my first box and I'm anxiously waiting for the next!

 by Macala bruns-doyle
Spa quality products

It's like a complete spa package sent right to your door! All the products are hand chosen according to your needs. None of the extra junk that you will never use or products that can harm and age your skin. As an expecting mom it puts me at ease knowing the products are safe for me and my growing baby! Win win

 by Shannon Ershen
Love my Ox Boxes

I look forward to receiving my ox box every 3 months! Each box is beautifully hand packed with great products tailored specifically for me. I love that the Ox team has done their research to provide me with natural and organic products compatible with my sensitive skin.

 by Benita Glickman
What a pleasant feeling!

What a pleasant feeling to open a beautifully wrapped box that has been specifically created for me! Every product was well received and appreciated. I even got the lipstick I wanted! The products are top quality and mostly natural and organic. I am so pleased with oxbox.

 by Lynn Valenti
Lucky Me!

The Spring 2019 box is my first subscription to Oxbox and I was not sure what to expect. When I opened the box I could not believe how beautiful everything was presented. Each luxurious product exactly matched my skin type and needs for my 50+ year old skin. Usage cards were very helpful in educating me on how to use each product. I worked in the skincare industry for 25+ years and have never come across anything like Oxbox before. Truly impressed and I look forward to receiving my next box! Thank you!

 by Diana

What a bargain ! I'm so impressed with this box ! Beautifully presented, all luxurious items. Nothing is more important to my skin care routine than using "CLEAN" organic, nourishing products. At 76 I still get compliments on my beautiful skin. Great job Ox Box with providing a beautiful selection for my mature skin. I'm very pleased !!!

 by Su-Ann Wong-Rattoballi
Wowed and Already Counting Days Till Next OxBox Already!!

I had a long, bad day and to see my Ox Box here was a huge highlight! I took care in opening the box and felt like a kid on Christmas! I was so excited to read about each product and add to my shelf 😉 Felt proud to look through everything and know it’s natural and fresh. My sister was sitting next to me and was definitely eyeing the products and overall box 😉

 by Tania
My first box review

I received my first box (Winter 2018) and have mixed reviews. The good is that all the products are excellent quality, they took the guesswork out of trying to chose organic products to try, there was a wide variety of products, the box itself was beautiful, all the products I have tried felt nice on my sensitive skin, and the products that came with the Ox box cards very informative. The only bad is there were a few products in the box that came with no instructions on how to use them and I could not find a list of what products should have been in my box. For example, what I thought was a list on the "deals" card included Osea which I never received a product from and the LilFox facial nectar came with no information on it.

 by Dani
Wow! Can't wait for my next box!

Having tried other "sample" subscriptions in the past, I have to say that I was skeptical about this one. But, everything about this box is different than the "typical" blind subscriptions I've tried. There were full size items - all of high quality and all seemed to be selected just for me based upon the survey I took.

I've been blown away by each of the products that were included and have used all but one of them (and that was an added sample that I didn't love)! The box was such a great value and the selections were perfect for my skin.

I truly can't wait for my next box to arrive so that my dwindling supplies are replenished and I am excited to introduce my husband to Ox Beauty Box as well!

 by Amelia
Lovely surprises at every turn

I can't say enough about my Winter Ox Box. First, how beautifully packaged and I think the thing I liked most was the envelope full of cards with details about beach product. Then, I realized I even got extra goodies with samples!! Right now I am so loving my toners and serums. My skin looks amazing and I can't wait for my next box.

 by Dorina

I was so excited when I got my first box in the mail. I feel like almost all of the products I received in my box were hand picked specifically for me and my skin concerns. Ive used most of the products that I received in the box now and I've been really happy so far, There are a couple of products I didn't really care for but there are is so much in this box that I really do like. I also looked up all the original prices for the products I received and this box is a great value! I'm pretty obsessed with all natural and organic products but they're so hard to find in any stores near me so I was really excited when I discovered this box. I am now able to try out multiple skin care brands in order to discover my favorites. the packaging is also really nice and luxurious which makes it so much fun to receive and open. I cant wait to see what I get in my next box 🙂

 by Karen K.
Created & Designed with Care!

My ultra strict fertility journey helped me stumble upon the Ox Box. I felt so special when opening the carefully and thoughtfully wrapped beauty box. I felt like this care made up for some of the misses. I feel like the survey could have asked a few more questions and leave more areas where I could provide details or information about my routine. Still, I am willing to try the next Ox Box, but I just hope it is a little more broad with different products, not just mostly geared for acne prone skin.

 by Shana
Wonderful Surprise!

I waited to open my Ox Box (don't know why). Ended up opening it on day when I had a bad day at work and it changed my whole attitude for the better!!! The special packaging and the delightful products improved my mood immediately. I wanted to try everything at once. Love the face soap! Already looking forward to my next box.

 by Pat Coffaro
A Wonderful Gift!

Really liked my first Ox Box which I received as a gift. I loved getting so many different organic, natural and cruelty-free labels, all new to me and all at very reasonable prices. As many have mentioned, the packaging is delightful and well thought out - a real pleasure to open. I'm going to sign up to receive more boxes and can't wait for the new products and surprises in the next one to come!

 by Lee
Fantastic natural skincare experience!

I grew up with a very simple skincare routine, witch hazel, soap and water, daily moisterizer and was told to never wear foundation. As I age though I find myself using more skincare products and don't want the added ingredients. While searching for information on natural skincare brands I stumbled on the Skin Care Ox website and decided to try the Winter Ox Box. I just received it and am very happy I did! The products inside are from great brands and I am looking forward to trying them all. Bonus points for the presentation details, I love the wooden tags, wrapping, and brand cards- there is obviously a lot of thought put into the user experience!
So far I have tried one of the serums and the cleanser and will be testing out the others soon. I will be signing up for the quarterly box because it is a great way to discover what works or not. I do think I need to tweak my survey because the cleanser is for oily skin and does dry mine out a bit. I get occasional adult breakouts due to hormone changes but my skin is not necessarily oily. There is another item that is a balm cleanser I haven't tried yet though so I still have some exploring to do!

 by Natalie E,
Mommy's treat box

As a working mom and a wife with a busy life -skin care was the last of my worries. When I opened the box it was like a present just for me. Love the products. My skin is so much better my husband even noticed. I love what the products stand for and I am transitioning to less chemical beauty products

 by Maryanda Kim
Wondrrful Ox Box

My Ox Box was absolutely amazing! Thank you Diane Elizabeth for your wonderful time and effort. My Ox Box was just beautifully done and I really apreciate your help! I look forward to my next Ox Box and can't wait to get more skincare products to help with my skin problems! I definitely will recommend to others! Thanks again Diane; you are so wonderful. I'll be in your care!

 by Idalia
Good first box

This is my first time getting the Ox box and I was extremely happy with it. I loved the packaging and how it really felt personalized to me. I’m really excited to try all the products, I just wished there was a little more variety in the products I received. For instance, I received 2 serums and although I was advised to use one during the day and the other at night, I wish I would have gotten another type of product to try. Also I got 2 toners/mists, one by cocovit and another by Honey girl organics. The one by Cocovit irritates the heck out of my skin so I’m glad I tried as part of this box instead of purchasing it. Overall, it was a good first box and I can’t wait to see what comes in the next one.

Idalia,Thank you for the feedback and thank you for subscribing to the Ox Box! We can certainly add more variety to your box next time. We will email you a link to update your skin care survey shortly. Feel free to share what you loved/didn't love about your Ox Box and we will do our best to improve your experience.Thanks,Diane Elizabeth

 by Beth

Everything chosen in this box was made with care. Looking and reading all the different ingredients out there is exhausting. But Ox Box is pure magic! It does all the work for me. My skin is already glowing. Thank you for making it so easy and for creating such a stunning product.

 by Lizz
This box is educational and therapeutic.

I’ve been purchasing natural/organic skincare and makeup since 2007. Since then, there’s been a lot of trial and error with products, and now with organic/natural beauty and skincare becoming more recognized in the mainstream, there are tons of brands to choose from, with varying price points, With so many awesome brands (and not so awesome) that are out there today, it’s hard to find something, and let alone something that actually works.

Even after being a consumer for this long, I’m not a pro. But when life changes, so should your skincare. I’ve had perioral dermatitis practically since I was a teen, and I was #blessed with sensitive skin. My new year resolution in 2019 is to embrace my natural beauty and to minimize the amount of makeup I slap on my face (got it narrowed down to concealer, chapstick, eyeliner and mascara) and to focus on good quality skincare and a healthier lifestyle.

I did some digging around the Internet for monthly boxes, and that’s when I found Skincare Ox.

After doing more research on their founder - let me tell you. This lady knows her stuff! And best of all, she is passionate about it, and you can tell (she’s published a plethora of articles on natural/organic skincare going back years) From an in-depth skin survey, a custom box with products that matches your needs, plus a handwritten letter? She even shares with you why she chose those products and what they help with. So far I’ve been very pleased with every product and the value of this box. Treat yo’self!

 by Ladonna
I'm Loving It

I received my first skincare box and was excited to see what was inside. It was beautifully packed with products specific for my skin type. Enclosed was information cards for each product which was a nice touch. I have tried most of the products and they're all great. No breakouts and my skin is softer and smoother. I am looking forward to my spring skincare box. This was an awesome Christmas purchase for me. The skincare box is an excellent gift from me to me.

 by Elizabeth
Worth Every Penny

This (December 2018) box was my first Skin Care Ox box and I'm absolutely impressed with all the products. Very high quality products, absolutely worth the cost of the box.
Some of the products I received included;
Osea Ocean Cleasing Mudd
Osmia Black Clay Facial Soap
Lilfox Cupu-Cool Jelly Balm
Made Simple Pumpkin Juniper Face Serum
Made Simple Spirulina Hemp Face Mask
And more.....

 by Rebecca Abney

I have been searching for good, clean, nontoxic skin care. I signed up for this box - 1 time purchase. I couldn't be more pleased. What a great way to try new organic products. I am signing up today for the quarterly boxes. I have signed up for others and they would have a few nice products - THIS BOX is full of everything that you will LOVE. Thank you OX Box

 by Alana Frederick
Love, Love, Love this box!!!

I recently researched and wrote a paper about chemical toxins in our everyday personal care products. You will be disgusted once you find out what is in your products, especially if you have children who also use these items. That led me on an overwhelming and emotionally draining process off ridding my house of unclean products. Thankfully, I happened upon Skincare Ox during my research and that has taken some of the burdens off of me to tirelessly seek out and purchase clean products. This box is amazing! I have converted over from another popular subscription box because here I KNOW the products are clean no matter what I get. The value is amazing for what you get and is 100% worth the price of this box. Further, the customer service is top notch. It is rare to get a personal response back to an email that actually addresses and fully answers all of your questions. This company also takes a more personal approach with their customers. Besides selecting products the best they can off of your survey, you get a personal note about your products addressing you by name and, my favorite part, they wrap the luxury item separately so there is another element of mystery added to your box opening. Other final touches that I adore are the wooden engraved labels and the wax seal on the box. It truly is the small details like this that make this experience worth every single dollar spent. Well done Skincare Ox, you won me over with box #1.

 by Katie

I’ve gone to Whole Foods to pick out skin care and get totally overwhelmed by the amount of different brands out there. I want to try it all and OxBox is the perfect way to do it! It’s like sampling tons of different products without the tiny sample size that lasts one use. These are full size and you get so much for your money. I highly recommend!

 by Shannon
Love it!

Firstly, the box was beautifully wrapped with a handwritten note inside, including descriptions and discounts for the items I received. I loved all of the products and sat on my kitchen floor opening it! What an amazing Christmas treat. Thank you so much!

 by Michelle Champlin-Harper
Happy with my first OxBox

Just received my first OxBox and was very happy with the quality and quantity of products. My only complaint is that all the products are all for facial care with the exception of a small Crystal deodorant stick. Fingers crossed that future boxes will include shower products, body butters, makeup, etc.

 by Benita Glickman
What a treat!

My ox box arrived yesterday. When I opened up the package I knew this was a great treat! Everything was packaged beautifully and personalized just for me. Christmas began a bit early. What great fun! A card was enclosed for each item. So I got to read about each company and each product included. What a great way to learn about all the organic and natural products out there!

 by Jill

I just received my ox box and wow!! I felt like I was receiving a special gift just for me! It was beautifully wrapped with everything carefully and thoughtfully placed inside. I am looking forward to taking better care of my skin and I feel that oxbox has helped me to start doing that. Every product is all natural and toxic free which makes me feel good about using them. I also like the cards that came in my box explaining a bit about each product. I look forward to having healthier, more radiant skin! Thank you oxbox! You truly took the time in putting my box together with products that I need. And a special thank you to Diane Elizabeth.

 by Jean Carrafiello

Received my first OxBox - absolutely delighted with it. It's beautifully wrapped and tied with a bow! Inside is a little note about what's in the box and there are laminated info cards about each product packed inside. And WOW on the products! This is definitely a gift for yourself - everything is all natural, GMO free, cruelty free. Good for you in every way!!!

 by Katie

I started to research a good skin care line when I became completely overwhelmed at the millions of products and brands out there. OxBox is an amazing way to try them all without spending hundreds of dollars on one brand so you can really find what you like and what works for you. I really like using a face wash from one brand while using a toner, serum, lotion from other brands. The most important part to me is that all the products are organic/all natural with no chemicals. Every time I think I found the perfect product, my next OxBox comes and I fall in love with a whole other set of products. Highly recommend OxBox if you want to nourish your skin with healthy products!

 by Amy Ingram
Beautiful & Soothing

I loved my Oxbox the moment I opened it. It had fragrant lavender laying on top of the beautifully wrapped contents of the box, which made me feel pampered right away.
All of the products worked really nicely with my skin (as they were from different brands, I wasn't sure how my skin would react).
I often feel overwhelmed with the vast options on the market and loved the idea of someone curating a mix just for me. I feel like the products met my skin needs just right! I am definitely ordering another box.

 by Friederike
Ox Box - A Testing Tale

I am looking for organic skincare products to satisfy my needs for ultimate skin and body treatments. I have very sensitive skin and sometimes it is just playing around with me and starts doing weird things. Therefore, I decided to spend some time on research and I was discovering this page. After doing more research and some disappointing visits at some local stores, I gave it a trial and ordered the *One Time Purchase Box*. I still have to add, how picky I can be and so I was still skeptical about these products and at the same time, could not wait to receive my personal gift! It was great, because first of all, so well packed with so much love and a very personal note, that I felt like it's my birthday, when I opened the box! It was amazingly done! Layer after layer, I made my way to the cure and the immense product selection. All was just great to discover! Now, after a week, I found time to become familiar with some cremes and sprays. The Ox Box really contained products, I was looking for to test and also some products, I have never tried before, besides all the organic skincare and body product brands, I am not familiar with at all. And so I gave myself time and I am still giving myself time to try these products, as this Ox Box has the main purpose to make me find one (1) or more products I can stick to in the future. The reason why I am on this exploratory path is also, that I found the need to change something in my everyday usage of products and product selection. All in all this is a great way to test products out and if you and your skin are happy with new products every now and then, it is perfect! Thank you Diane for putting so much love into this. I really appreciate it. Friederike

 by Liz
New bliss

Receiving the box was like a breath of fresh air! Uniquely packaged, simple yet elegant. New products to play with, for all times of day! The only reason its 4 stars is because it curiosifies me to see if they can improve on something so amazing!